Montenegro, a safe country for women?

Dobar dan from Montenegro,

Several times I have been asked if Montenegro is a safe country when it comes to daily life for a woman. The answer is obvious to me, but I can understand why it might not be obvious to everyone.

So I could blab paragraphs about security here, but I prefer to share a Eurostat map published in 2018 and based on 2017 statistics.

Here we can see the number of rape victims per 100,000 inhabitants in Europe

viol par habitants

France, UK, and the Scandinavians still at the top of social progress, “exemplary countries…” who have been praising unregulated immigration for decades…

Obviously, we must assess these statistics with a keen eye, and put into perspective the fact that the definition of rape or sexual assault can vary between countries. As I recall in Germany, “a little slap on the buttocks” is considered rape, which is not the case in all countries. However, the trends present on the map are quite clear and above all verifiable in daily life.

Why is there no data for Italy? You have to ask the boss of Bunga Bunga Silvio Berlusconi maybe he could explain this to us from the sky…

The former president of Montenegro was one of the greatest in the world…

Apart from statistics, there are obvious things that can be appreciated just by walking the streets of a city in a country. When I walk in the street in France, it is clear to me that women of all ethnicities make efforts not to be attacked by paying attention to their clothing, or even very careful as the AFP confirms in this photo.

In Montenegro as in most countries in Central and Eastern Europe, women are very feminine and have no pressure to walk alone on a street day or night regardless of dress. And my words can be verified very quickly just after two days of vacation on site.

Furthermore, what I am putting forward here is a generality that applies in all cities in the country without exception, even for cities that are more under the influence of Ottoman culture.

I remind here that to compare the cities of Montenegro, the best tool to date remains“Where to Live, Where to Invest?” (this product is only available in French).

Long live to Montenegro


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