+ Dictatorship in the West, + expatriation in the East

+ Dictatorship in the West, + expatriation in the East

The formula is in the title! I don’t know if it’s a magic formula but in any case that’s what I experience. It has been several years since I started offering my expatriation services to Montenegro. There is this Covid which arrived and which many people thought would disappear like that… At that time I really started to receive more and more requests regarding Montenegro…

And since then, many of you have understood what is really happening, with the implementation of a vaccination passport or carbon pass, in other words a system making it possible to control population movements from point A to point B. This recalls a little (a lot?) the concept of the yellow star… in 39-45 an era full of innovations again…

My vaccine in Montenegro. This view, these fruits, this life. Unlike Pfizer or Astra Zenaca, I have to take several doses every week to feel good…

Since the French realized that they could pay taxes in France and at the same time not have access to public services, particularly for their health, this has been the great disillusionment… We pay a lot, and we have fewer and fewer services.

Since this “Covid” stage, millions of French people have realized that they are really taken for idiots, you have to call a spade, a spade.

Naturally, the expatriation requests for Montenegro have increased considerably for me. The most surprising thing is that a certain number of candidates have made the decision to expatriate to
Montenegro without ever having set foot there.

This is not what I recommend, I think that a stay there is a minimum before making such an important decision.

But everyone has their own reality, I have no judgment to make. I am very proud to have formed the most beautiful French community in Europe in Montenegro with French people who are more united than in France and aligned on the same values: traditional way of life, low taxation, no to communism and socialism. for more freedom!

Here are the steps that await a candidate for an expatriation to Montenegro with me.

And of course, then, the daily step of all expatriates is this: breathing the open air sheltered from the aggressiveness of the West.

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Nikola Krunić

French of Serbian origin and now expatriated in Montenegro, Nikola knows the Balkans perfectly. Founder of French in Montenegro, he will be able to inform and assist you in your procedures with a lot of professionalism and precision.
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