What are you doing on this site?

You may be like its founder, thirsty for freedom.

A few years ago, I was a little caterpillar…

Here I am talking about freedom. Freedom is to act, to make decisions to become master of your destiny for a moment… or for a little more, a part of your life.

“The Butterfly, this discreet, stylish lepidopteran, wanders wherever it wants, it evolves very quickly and its beauty is ephemeral like its lifespan. Ultimately, we are all butterflies at some level in our lives”

“Philosophically, the Butterfly is exactly what we experience as humans these days. Today everything is going very quickly, we want everything right away, as if our life will end in a few days”

The main thing is to find your place in this world, to serve the people around us with class & elegance.

Nowadays, if we listen, watch, interpret and analyze the words broadcast by television, newspapers, politicians, our work colleagues, our surroundings, our environment… only one sentence comes to mind :


And yes, everyone lies to us. This sentence should advocate an awakening in each of us. It’s up to everyone to find meaning in it.

In this Western society, where humans are simply a tool of production, with very substantial freedom, we are naturally looking for this freedom.

My family is scattered in different corners of Europe, in Portugal, in Spain, in Scotland, in France, in Germany, in Ireland, in the United States.

I don’t know what freedom means to you, everyone must have their own definition and for me it is:

  • Live stress-free (no traffic jams, people but not too many at once)
  • Having nature close to you (a few minutes on foot)
  • A pleasant climate all year round
  • A reasonable cost of living
  • A gentle tax system
  • Living with happy people (and not depressed ones)
  • Being close to my family (3 hours by plane from France)
  • Security at any time of the day
  • Accessibility to housing
  • Make friends
  • Share common values (family, respect, tradition)
  • A country that values its culture and heritage

In this list, there were always two or three parameters that were impossible to enter.

I wanted all this without spending 1,000,000 or 500,000 euros to set up.

More simply, I was looking for a healthy, free, rich life to cultivate.

And you? What are your criteria for freedom? are you going to take care of it soon?

The new Lustica Bay Marina

Whether for vacations, investments, or expatriation, you can really think about the country nicknamed

“The Next French Riviera”.

According to the famous travel agency Original Travel and Business Insider,Montenegro was

part of the destinations most visited by billionaires in 2019.

The famous Forbes magazine placed Montenegro in the top 20 global destinations to discover in 2020.

After investing in real estate in France, I quickly understood that France had a relatively bleak future in store for me as an investor and entrepreneur for
the next decades.

And naturally, I wondered if the grass wasn’t greener elsewhere.
So I traveled across Europe, analyzing not only the real estate market but also taxation and the opportunities for expatriating and settling in a country that met my “West European” standards.

I wanted to :
– The sea, the mountains, the countryside, the city, the sun, the lakes, the rivers
– Swim, ski, hike, sail in clear waters
– A strong currency, low taxation, a reasonable cost of living
– A geo-strategic position, a welcoming people, a pleasant climate,
– A historical heritage
– The “dolce vita”

I found all this in Montenegro. 🇲🇪

I also wanted to escape the degeneration of Western society which is losing its traditional, family values, its individual and collective freedoms, its protections which made it possible to feel good and secure in a so-called “developed” country.

A feeling, which is very expensive if we compare the way we live in France and the price we pay for each of these moments with more or less quality…especially when we have a State which no longer has the intention to guarantee our security.

Our elites no longer hide it, Manuel Valls declared to the French:
“Get used to terrorism!” Pardon ?! No, I will never be able to get used to terrorism, to the scum, to insecurity, to the end of France.

I will be able to get used to the France that existed 30 years ago. Not today’s.

Observations are good, but it’s a bit easy to criticize and not propose anything.

There are solutions, whether for a few vacations, for hybrid or total expatriation, I can help you thanks to my expertise about Montenegro by guiding you on different themes such as buying a property in Montenegro, how to settle there, how to prepare for a new life in this neighboring country of Croatia.

To take the plunge, it is a question of personal investment, having a foot in Montenegro, this can be done in different ways.

Create a business, buy your second or main residence, work in Montenegro and you become a Montenegrin resident.

But why in Montenegro and not elsewhere?

Very low taxes for businesses and independent entrepreneurs
0 %
Sunny days per year

The people

The most welcoming in Europe

The cost

very affordable living (cheaper than in Portugal)


Here the euro is the national currency

Outside the EU

There are real borders, we don’t know about terrorism, violence, scum, all that doesn’t exist.

Only 3 hours maximum

From all European capitals
(2h10 from Paris, 2h25 from Munich, 3h from Brussels, 3h from Milan)

The Adriatic

Do we really need to talk about it?


and a very rich culture.

A network

Highways and infrastructure in full development.

A nature



simple and very tasty.

The list is long...

Today the Montenegrin passport is well classified in the Global Passport Power Rank, occupying 37th place in the world in front of the Russian, or even that of Qatar, the Maldives or Fiji.

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