I have a friend who often goes to Albania

Dobar dan from Montenegro,

I am often asked what I think of Albania, Montenegro’s neighboring country. First of all, you should know that I have not spent a lot of time in this country, because I am very localized in Montenegro for my clients above all. But I have a friend who often goes on “vacation” (she triggers vacations almost at any time, I never know when she is working or not…) in Albania.

I meet Albanians who come to work in Montenegro on construction sites sometimes, for better salaries and above all I know people who spend time in Albania. What I find best in Albania in the first place is the level of freedom.

In this area Montenegro is already not bad, but Albania during “Bordel-19” was like this:

  • no mask (outside but in stores too
  • possibility of exiting and entering the country as usual
  • almost no restrictions during the two years

Otherwise, very low cost of living, magnificent country still preserved and not too concreted (it depends on the towns). The French are the favorite nationalities of the Albanians. With the Italians. The country is also more French-speaking than Montenegro. And taxation is particularly interesting in general.

What is less good in this country is the standards in electrical infrastructure. Especially outside of cities, but sometimes even in cities. Example: a torn high voltage cable hanging above the heads of pedestrians in the capital…

In Albania, customs and traditions in remote villages which date from another time… it’s a real problem! There really are villages with “sacred zozos” where I advise you to simply never set foot!

Finally, the country is not very well placed and is quite geopolitically isolated. Its natural allies are not necessarily the same as its neighbors.

My priorities are to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Serbia, which is already a very big program… I already have 300 km of coastline in Montenegro, so Albania will come later!


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