Vaccinate yourself to become free?

Dobar dan from Montenegro,

In France and abroad, I know a certain number of people who have chosen to be vaccinated not really so as not to catch Covid-19 (that’s what people say “to do well” sometimes), but in reality it was to be authorized to circulate or travel freely and to leave them alone once and for all with “this virus”.

The implicit message of many states (mafia and corrupt) was this: freedom in exchange for an (unidentified) vaccine. In other words: “you take this = you can swim at the beach this summer on vacation (and not where you want)”. This is what some states can tell people.

Vaccine producers have concrete T&Cs which basically indicate that you are injected with a liquid into your body, but that if you ever have a health problem afterwards, the responsibility will be on your side and not on the side of the sellers and manufacturers. of the product.

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Basically, you take all the risks and they take none. The problem is that these T&Cs are messing up everywhere, because now we see that airline companies no longer want to ensure your physical integrity during flights. Spain and Russia are clear, they advise vaccinated people not to take a plane for fear that these people will die on the plane with the formation of blood clots in the brain for example…

Information broadcast on Skynews

What does Montenegro say about all this?

Well, like all States, he made propaganda so that people would be vaccinated like his Balkan colleagues without any health guarantee. But apart from that, there is no question of putting masks on children, of prohibiting people from entering a place if that person is not vaccinated. The State also does not wish to restrict the movements of individuals who wish to travel. The country lives on tourism!

It allows its citizens to enter the country without a PCR or other test. Montenegro is not a perfect country, but in any case, it does not impose a deal on its citizens like “freedom for your health”. And for this, I am satisfied with my life in Montenegro because the fundamental principle of freedom is respected.

The world is a game in which our lives are in permanent risk, we just have to know how to place ourselves in the game…

Furthermore, I have noticed a sudden increase in expatriation requests since the vaccination passport or compulsory vaccination was officially accepted in certain Western countries.

It’s unusual in general, but I have a certain number of expatriate candidates who have made the decision to settle in Montenegro without even having set foot HERE once in their life!

But the dictatorship in place in many countries around the world seems so pronounced that the risks of having a lower quality life seem slim for newcomers to Montenegro.

What I can say to date is that no French expatriate has returned to their country of origin after settling in Montenegro. For my part, I am not proposing a mafia deal like Macron and his friends! I just offer another reality of life, and for the moment the prices are still reasonable to settle in Montenegro, which may not always be the case.

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French of Serbian origin and now expatriated in Montenegro, Nikola knows the Balkans perfectly. Founder of French in Montenegro, he will be able to inform and assist you in your procedures with a lot of professionalism and precision.
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