⏱ 90 minutes

🤌🏻 Sharing of experience

🔎 Evaluation of your profile

✍🏼 Preparation, Q&A

💶 My experience with investing abroad


✅ Preparation of a strategy

✅ Your destination becomes clear

✅ Choice of expatriation mode

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Many people go abroad for a bit of an adventure, saying to themselves “a better life awaits me there” “I am financially free, nothing can’t happen to me”. Do you know people there? Have you spoken with expatriates who are settled and were able to pass on all their experience to you?

Failures in expatriation are common, like start-ups which fail in 90% of cases within the first year. Even if you are financially comfortable, missing out on your expatriation is something we always prefer to do without…

The living environment = not so pleasant; people = not welcoming, impossible to integrate; socially isolated = difficult to form a new social network; depression = your business takes a hit. So it’s back to your country…

Poorly informed, your expatriation becomes a nightmare: let’s cut the losses! The idea is not to move every year either.

Born into a family of expatriates scattered across the European continent, being an expatriate myself in Montenegro, here we will prepare you for your future destination, the one that will suit you. Study of your social and economic profile and your objectives. I will guide you, help you formulate your choice, we will do it together but it is up to you to make the final decision.

The session begins with your presentation, with your immediate and medium-long term needs. We will work together to answer the various questions about you and your project to build your landing strip.

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