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Do you wish to expatriate to Montenegro, but you don’t know where to start or who to start with?

A French investor and entrepreneur expatriated to Montenegro, Nikola is originally from Montenegro and has been residing in the Bay of Kotor for several years. He speaks Montenegrin and has completed many procedures and has been in contact with locals, expatriates, businesses, and institutions daily.

Nikola responds to questions, inquiries that the French have before arriving in Montenegro.

With personalized support, Nikola provides you with contacts, advice not to be missed if you plan to settle in Montenegro.

Expatriation to a new country is often a source of stress and fatigue because there are many unforeseen events in the process.

This is what Nikola experienced before settling in the country, when you do not know a trustworthy person to help you achieve the goal of a new life.

With personalized support in the expatriation process, Nikola is a better ally concerning your installation in Montenegro.

Compared to the standard package, you will share many moments with Nikola and live experiences with him in the context of your new life on-site. During the entire support to find “the perfect in an imperfect world,” Nikola will introduce you to the people to know while passing from one mountain to another by the sea.

Nikola will literally be your ambassador.

The personalized support in your installation is detailed HERE.

*The total price of the pack varies depending on the steps selected and defined together, but you initially pay the reservation fees amounting to 50 euros. You will pay the rest of the amount step by step, as the expatriation process advances. The 50 euros will be deducted from the total price of the pack; it is a symbolic deposit and not an additional fee.

For more information on the detailed steps, you can contact us directly

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