Administrative Assistance for Personal Income Tax


📜 Constitution of your file for income declaration

🇫🇷🇲🇪 Multi-language assistance

👥 Support at the administration

💼 Payment of your personal income tax


✅ Receipt of your payment proofs

✅ Peace of mind & serenity

✅ Montenegrin resident in good standing with the tax administration

Administrative Assistance for Personal Income Tax

cover declaration impôts Do you wish to declare your personal income in compliance with the laws of Montenegro?

This assistance service concerns: your rental income, capital gains on cryptocurrencies, capital gains on real estate, stocks, dividends, and other income pertaining to the individual. Our assistance service proposes to fill in with the necessary information for the annual income declaration so that you can pay your taxes in complete peace of mind.

We review with you to know the amounts to declare for each type of income in order to declare the whole of the revenues which are taxed by the society.

Thus, you can be certain to have declared all your income and owe nothing to anyone!

Taxes in Montenegro are not just something simple, still a lot of paper to fill out and time to spend in the administration’s offices. A pleasant step to take for French people who do not master the local language without assistance.

Thanks to this personalized assistance, you will be able to declare your income in Montenegro serenely.

The assistance begins with the constitution of your dossier and the verification that all the payments or different taxes have been made.

We adapt to the number of people who can be impacted, whether single, in a couple, entrepreneur alone, family, etc…

Here is what awaits you

  • Constitution of your file
  • Review of all income to be declared
  • Filling out the forms for each income
  • Submission of the file to the tax administration
  • Payment of taxes (by bank transfer or at the counter)
  • Receipt of payment proofs

The reduced rate for assistance in French is 300 euros.

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