Booking Investment Support in Montenegro


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Booking Investment Support in Montenegro


Do you wish to invest in Montenegro with the acquisition of a first property?

Author of the book “Why do these French discreetly settle in Montenegro?”, in which I share my experience with real estate investment in the country of the black mountains. I will be able to help you make your dream come true as well. I work with Montenegrins on a daily basis and have also collaborated with Russians, Austrians, Serbs, and Germans, to name a few.

How to find the ideal property? What is the best place? How to become a resident?

Thanks to this personalized support offer, you will benefit from all my expertise in the real estate sector. I will search for the right property for you, negotiate the price. I will also prepare you for the appointment at the notary’s office for the signing of the sales contract.
If you wish, I will also accompany you during the signing.

We will have a debriefing together following the purchase of the property. The price of a furnished studio for two people in Montenegro starts at 55,000 euros. The prices for houses between 60 and 80 square meters fluctuate between 150,000 and 250,000 euros, for immediately habitable furnished properties.

Following the choice of the property and the acceptance of the price offer, we prepare the appointment with the notary. On the day, we go to the notary together to sign the sales contract.

The reservation fees for the Investment Montenegro support are billed at 247 euros*. This amount is an advance that will be deducted from the total amount of 5,900 euros.

Following the payment of 247 euros, two phases of payments await you via two bank transfers. A first transfer of an amount of 2,826 euros to be made before the signature of a purchase contract at the notary. Finally, a second transfer of 2,826 euros is to be made after handing over the keys in your clean possession (and after the opening of your utility accounts, electricity, water) of your property.

After booking this service and support, the payments will be staggered as per an agreement in advance in your investment project which can take several weeks or several months depending on your pace. This support is personalized, we adapt to your profile and your objectives in terms of deadlines as much as possible.

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